Kydex IWB J-Loop belt attachment (Acc13)

Kydex IWB J-Loop belt attachment (Acc13)

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Kydex belt J-loop fits up to 2" belts.

Very secure belt attachment for the IWB rig. 

The main belt clip portion is placed over the waist band of the pants while the sheath or holster is placed inside your waist band attached to the long strip of kydex as the mounting platform of pant. Then the J-Hook will hook up under the belt loop for a very sturdy attachment.

Mounting holes are to be drilled by you to your specifications using a 1/4" drill bit. It is a very simple procedure. Anyone with very basic skills can perform this. I left the attachment blank since I had many requests to leave the item with no holes. It made a lot of sense, not everyone wants the attachment to line up exactly the same and in many cases the customer wants a certain CANT to the rig. Just be sure to double and triple check your measurements prior to drilling. And be sure you brace the item securely so it does not spin on you when drilling. It is not as bad as it sounds, basically use your common sense and basic shop safety measures when doing anything like this. 

Kydex is .125 thick for rigidity. 

Width is approximately .75"

Overall height is approximately 4"

Comes complete with machined steel screws and posts and silencers of high quality. Not the cheap junk that strips out after a couple uses. 


Kydex IWB J-Loop belt attachment (Acc13)