Accessory-  Kydex Fire Steel Holder

Accessory- Kydex Fire Steel Holder

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This is a Custom Made Kydex FireSteel Ferro Rod Holder. Included: (2) 1/2" Slotted Chicago Screws with silencers. FERRO ROD IS NOT INCLUDED.   The item is made of .093 Kydex and  the Eyelets are spaced 3/4" center to center to accept Any Sheath with 3/4" Spaced Holes. Please indicate the size you want after check out.....I offer 5/16" & 3/8". email me for other custom sizes with order number and I will make note for your order.

Hardware (Includes 2 Chicago screw sets for mounting) 

The size that comes standard is 3/8". When using an elastic shock cord with your firesteel, you can use any size 3/8" and smaller by stretching the cord over the tip once put in the holder. But if you need a different specific size please send me an email request for the size you want and any other specific details as long as it is not a drastic change in design or anything that requires me to retool my setup. I can drill different size holes, spaced differently, or no holes at no price difference. A complete redesign can change pricing. These are all custom, I can make adjustments to fit your needs.