How long does it Take to get my order?

Depends on the sheath and options you want. Typically turn around time is about TWO weeks from the time you place your order. Many times it's very fast (one week), depends on how busy I am with workload. I build each custom rig one at a time giving each sheath my best personal attention to detail. Please keep in mind, my workload fluctuates everyday and I do my best to have your order out within the 2 week mark. I stay very busy. My sheaths have have earned their reputation over the years for their quality and the result is returning customers. Remember Holidays WILL become busier, Please Plan ahead 3-4 weeks if you plan on gifts. 

What are the sheaths made out of?

I use Kydex. Kydex is an Ultra Impact resistant acrylic-polyvinyl chloride composite Polymer. Kydex is a very tough material and perfect for tactical use when you need material that can handle abuse regularly. It is used in Marine and Aircraft Manufacturing due to the High strength and fire-resistant properties compared to other Materials. Malleable when heat is applied for shaping. Because of it's strength and other abilities, it has picked up in popularity with the outdoor bushcraft and tactical communities over the years. Most Sheaths are made with .093 Kydex. I only use .080 in light duty attachments or items too small for heavy use. Most colors available today come in .093 thickness and all popular colors are .093 thickness. 

What colors do you offer?

These are samples of the most popular colors that are offered; however, if you have a different color in mind you can always ask and I will see if I can get it.

What Hardware do you use and the combination of the Hardware used in the assembly?

I use ALL USA made hardware for the Assembly. The Chicago Screws are Slotted "Through" Posts with Phillips Truss Head screws and Silencers. Thread is 8-32. They are made of Machined High Grade Steel and Black Oxide Coated for corrosion Resistance, Not Painted or Powder Coated! The Hardware I use DO NOT STRIP OUT like low grade Hardware!

What Eyelets do you use? 

The Eyelets are High Grade Alloy Made right here in the USA. The Cheaper version are Brittle, thin and have a tendency to split and crack! I GUARANTEE NO SPLIT EYELETS! The sheath is ONLY AS STRONG AS ITS WEAKEST EYELET! The eyelets are also longer Barrel, for a thicker and wider flange. MOST Makers ONLY use standard length Eyelets which creates a thin flange just slightly wider than the hole itself. I like for the flange to be thicker and wider so it can look more like the finished "front" side of the sheath. By using this technique, ambidextrous use by left hand users, can enjoy the finished look of a wider flange. Using low quality eyelets will crack and split before fully setting the eyelet.

I do Not see a Knife on your Inventory list. Can I send My knife to you for a Custom Sheath?

Absolutely! Just Contact Me and we can discuss your needs. Turn around time, once I receive the knife, is usually about two weeks once I have the knife in hand, but depending on the season and workload this could increase. I am always adding new knives, please check often.


Price depends on many factors. There is a $10-$20 PREPARATION FEE for all custom work with knives sent to me and are not part of my inventory. Most knives sent in by the customer will have a similar price tag in my listing, if it is of similar design and size of knife and similar sheath design plus the prep fee. For Example, making a sheath for a knife similar to my Fairbairn sykes and your knife is made by a different company or custom made will be priced like the listing I have plus $15 Prep Fee to make the minor adjustments such as blocks, spacers and adjustments to eyelet position. Knives I carry in my inventory have jigs that were created after finding the proper eyelet position which is the main feature in creating the retention needed to hold the knife in the sheath and giving the ability to deploy without too much or too little force. I find this retention force through the trial and error of (2 or more moldings) with my knives. The retention is difficult to determine on the first press. Because of the years of experience I have in making Kydex sheaths, I can find a point where retention is close to the final and most of the time I will find the final result with the second press. Only in rare cases I might have to press more than 3 times, usually knives with unique and unusual multi points of retention require pressing more than 2 or 3 times. The prepping of the knife will consist of taping and creating spacers or blocks and filling voids such as grooves saw teeth and holes in blades to allow an unrestricted entry and exit for the knife. Prep work is one of the most time consuming parts of making the sheath and will have more work involved when making a sheath for a new knife I have not made a sheath for. Prep fees are usually $10 for blades up to 4" , $15 for blades up to 6" and $20 for blades up to 12". Blades that are longer than 12" please contact to discuss. Belt attachments and accessories holders are typically priced as you see in my listings, unless you request adjustments in design. Doing this will also require prepping for an item I have not familiarized myself with making or do not have patterns/jigs for. 

What type of shipping do you offer?

I offer FREE 1st class shipping if I am shipping you a sheath from a Knife I already have in my inventory. I also offer priority, express and international shipping. NOTE: If you ship your knife to me for a custom sheath, there is a Shipping charge, since the weight of the package will be much higher due to the knife, the knife itself being shipped and insurance for protection of your item. 

Do you offer discounts?

YES, If you are a retailer we can work out a bulk purchase deal. Or if your a customer needing to outfit many knives we can work a deal on a bulk sheath purchase. And if you are Active Duty Military and Active Duty Police I offer 10% discount. Police and Active Military will need to provide Valid Credentials Prior to ordering. Contact me for Details. 

Do you offer satisfaction Guarantee and returns?

Yes, I accept returns if Kydex is just not your thing. MUST be in Unused still Brand New condition when I receive the item. I will Only accept returns On kydex sheaths that are from MY list of Production Factory Made Knifes Inventory that I carry. I DO NOT accept returns On Kydex sheaths using your Knife. I do not accept returns on used sheaths, I will do a thorough inspection once I have the sheath. ALL my work is Guaranteed for life on workmanship. I do not guarantee normal wear and tear and abused sheaths. I have been doing this for many years and never had a return on a "broken" sheath or on a craftsmanship issue. I Test and visually inspect EVERY SHEATH Prior to shipping. My sheath designs are thought out when designed and built to last forever! Returns WILL NOT be accepted after 2 weeks of confirmed delivery to your shipping address. Return Labels are Not provided. Since these are Handmade there is a 10% restocking fee. There are NO returns or refunds on Full Custom builds using the Customers knife and NO returns or refunds on complete design Change requested by the customer using my list of knives. Every sheath is Test fitted before leaving the shop and WILL fit the make and model I describe in the listing. If there are any fitment issues, please Check your model to see if it is exactly what I have. If it doesn't fit, it's NOT the SAME KNIFE I MADE THE SHEATH FOR. for example, Please do not assume all Fairbairn Sykes are all the same. There are many makers and profiles of the fairbairn sykes. The same goes for Gerber MARK II knives AND SO ON....

Are your Sheaths used by professionals such as Military and 1st Responder? 

YES, In fact a very large number of my customers are Military, Police, and other 1st responders. Also, bushcrafters, Survivalists, Survival Instructors Professional Divers, recreational Divers and even the weekend warrior that rely on my custom gear to get the job done! I am proud to say that my sheaths have been deployed around the world on many adventures and also on the frontlines during times of conflict and have been carried on popular survival shows. My Sheaths have proven their ability to handle whatever adventure your on. 


Kydex Sheaths use Retention formed from the molding process as the main function to lock the knife in. The Impressions created from the pressing process functions as retention point that squeeze or snap around a feature molded into the sheath, usually dips and curves from the handle/guard. Kydex Sheaths deploy quickly during emergency situation, especially if you only have one hand free. Kydex is Armor for your knife, a tough case that protects the blade from damage. No Velcro, buckles, buttons to undo. The Sheath Body has no parts that wear out. Belt attachments can be upgraded and moved in different positions.

Another benefit is the "Modular design" allowing the user the ability to remove or add attachments and changing the carry style. You can go from high belt carry to Scout carry to Dangler or inverted shoulder strap carry, ect... Occasionally I will change up the same sheath with different attachments depending on how I want to carry, short hike in the local woods or if I need a fully outfitted rig for multi-week adventure.

The Kydex sheaths I create are designed to function under water and on land. Kydex will NOT absorb water like leather and Nylon and rust your favorite blade by keeping it wet for long period of time, NOT GOOD FOR CARBON STEEL KNIVES! Kydex will NOT Dry, shrink and crack like Leather. Kydex will NOT Rot or unravel at the seams like leather or Nylon from normal use, wet humid environments. Don't get me wrong, Leather offers some of the most beautiful sheaths, remember leather gets wet and stays wet till it id given time to dry and during that time it will shrink up. Leather is very nice but how long is that going to last you if your a serious outdoorsman or a professional. Remember advanced materials such as kydex did not exist 100's of years ago, not even 100 years ago! The natural materials they had was all they had to work with, and required a LOT of maintenance to protect the carbon steel from rust and that razors edge. Nylon is just well, you know! lol...


I use the right amount of heat and a press to squeeze the knife and the heated kydex to create detailed Impressions that will function as retention points and to create that beautiful outline of the blade and handle. I will use the exact knife you use to create the perfect fit and to create the impressions needed for the retention. I then use a pattern jig that I created after many test builds. The patterns I use will line up the eyelet position in the exact spot every time, producing the exact retention, build after build. And finally the finishing touch. I cut, grind and polish till the sheath is finished. I will test fit every sheath just to be sure the knife will deploy and lock up when put back every time. I build every sheath ONE AT A TIME. And every eyelet flange will be visually inspected to insure a perfect press with NO Split eyelets. 


AbsolutLy! In fact, I typically do not oil the kydex when I ship. I leave that up to the customer, since everyone might have their particular oil. Oils such as Gun Oil (rem oil), Food Grade Machine Oil, and even WD40 are great choices and what I use. Benefits to oil such as protection, for eyelets and hardware, and the most important part YOUR BLADE!, especially Carbon Steel Blades. Sometimes the first time you use your kydex sheath, it may feel a little rough and a little resistance at first. A light coat of oil on your knife during maintenance and a very light coat on your finger rubbed inside the retention points will be just the right amount to smooth the action out perfectly. Wipe the excess and that will be plenty for all future maintenance. Kydex becomes a "Functional" part of your knife, enhancing its use and effectiveness. Just like maintaining any of your tools, your guns, ect, you ALWAYS Maintain them with a light coat of oil to protect and for proper function (guns)..


The retention that is used for the sheaths I make satisfy the vast majority of users but some might want minor adjustments to personalize to their liking and may need adjustments requiring changing the retention. I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANY SORT OF ADJUSTMENTS!!! IF DONE INCORECTLY YOU CAN RUIN THE SHEATHS RETENTION AND DO IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE! I CANNOT EMPHYSIS THIS ENOUGH!  The only time I would think it would be ok to make adjustments is if you have EXPIERENCE in adjustments and familiar with how kydex reacts to heat. I have heard of people BOILING the entire sheath in a pot of boiling water!!! Only to end up with a piece of floppy black "lasagnas" , over heating with heat gun and removing ALL retention, Propane Torch! YES! A Propane torch!! a Lighter, ect....And these people got "EXPERT" advice off of some buddy online in some forums. DON'T BELIEVE These so called "experienced experts". First thing to do is contact me first. Also remember, Retention is subjective, some folks find it too tight, too lose or just right....I make these a bit on the firm side the way it should be, but 98% of the time my customers like the retention. This is where oil will make a world of difference if you think you might need to make a slight adjustment! The other reason for any "difficulties" is just Getting used to the function. Practice deployment, just like shooting your gun, practice so you become familiar with using the firearm. practice makes using so much easier...Getting used to the function and a light coat of maintenance oil is what makes the sheath perfect!


Yes I can make a Sheath using your Knife. Please contact me through this website and we can talk about your needs. A description of what I will need from you is whats listed below , but not limited to. Depending on needs will vary.

Things I will need from you:

is a detailed description of what you are wanting, Taco or Pancake style, Color, Attachments such as belt or accessories, carry style or styles if you plan to carry in different ways, right or left hand draw, what side you will carry your rig. These are the minimum things I will need. Write out every detail because I don't know what you visualizing. Even a rough sketch with some measurements could help me visualize your design, Unless your wanting a standard design I will need as much info you can provide. Write everything down on paper. Also include your contact information, phone number, shipping address, email address to send invoice on that same piece of paper. Package your knife carefully to be sure that the blade does NOT cut through the box. Lead time is roughly 2 weeks unless I can specify a different time frame. This will depend on the amount of work I have lined up already. I will return the finished sheath with your knife well packaged using Priority, Insured and signature delivery. 

Please read Pricing a custom sheath above in the FAQ to understand how pricing works. Because this is about making a custom sheath for you, there are many factors involved. Contact me for other details after reading on this page. 


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