ESEE JUNGLAS custom Sheath With Dangler

ESEE JUNGLAS custom Sheath With Dangler

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Custom Kydex sheath made for the ESEE JUNGLAS knife plus DANGLER also includes approximately 4' of Genuine 550 Paracord LANYARD 



Sheath is setup for right hand draw. Please indicate if you are a left hand user. The sheath itself is Ambidextrous.  The Dangler would need to be a left or right hand specific.

Color of your choice

Kydex is. 093 thick and assembled with long barreled eyelets for added assembly strength. 

Kydex is a polymer Alloy that is extremely tough and resistant to impact and has excellent quantities that make it one of the best material used in tactical sheaths and gun holsters. Sheaths made of kydex never wear out. The sheaths I build are Guaranteed for Life! 

When the sheath gets dirty simply wash it out , dry it off and give it a wipe down with WD40 or a Food Grade Machine oil if processing food with your knife. And it is recommended to wipe your Carbon steel blades down and shoot a little oil inside the sheath for better protection. 

Drain system is at the very tip of the sheath. 

Eyelets are 3/4" center to center space and have 1/4" holes to accept most aftermarket attachments such as tek-lok, Molle-lok, Malice and any other attachments that have 3/4" spaced attachment holes or 1.5" spaced attachment holes. 

Eyelets ARE the weakest link therefore I overbuild using long barreled eyelets to create a larger/wider flange which adds to the strength of the assembly. The larger/wider flange also improves the looks of the finished sheath to match closely to the pre flange of the eyelet. (NOTE: There are makers that cut costs by using ONLY what's "necessary" to hold the two Kydex halves together which means short eyelets which means tiny flange spread that can pull out!) So be sure to compare!! 

All Armorsheaths sheaths are modular and can build into any style rig you desire for whatever adventure you seek. Add a firesteel holder, and a pouch to complete your rig.

These listings are for the sheath and belt attachment ONLY. Knife NOT included. 

Please allow 7-14 days to create your sheath. These are custom made and require time to make. I do not keep ready made sheaths with custom upgrades and requests that require adjustments and redesign. 

Shipping inside the USA is FREE! 

ESEE JUNGLAS custom Sheath With Dangler
ESEE JUNGLAS custom Sheath With Dangler
ESEE JUNGLAS custom Sheath With Dangler