Mora Companion HD Kydex  Pancake Sheath, slim

Mora Companion HD Kydex Pancake Sheath, slim

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This sheath is custom made for the Mora Companion.  Shown in black.  For a completely custom fit, simply contact me with specific details to make your sheath fit your needs.  

eyelets are spaced 3/4" center to center to attach most aftermarket attachments such as large tek-lok, Molle-loks, MALICE Clips, ect.....Or any or my custom kydex belt accessories. 

Sheath has very solid retention so you can carry inverted as a neck knife. concealed due to its very compact and slim design and super light weight!

Makes an excellent pocket knife with the compact "flat" style also, if you do not want to wear it on your belt. And you can lash it up with paracord to anything you want using the eyelets. BEST sheath for the mora.

A modular design opening up lots of possibilities. comes without any attachments so you can add your own style.

+Knife NOT included.    

Lead time typically one week but please allow up to two weeks build time. 

Shipping free in the USA