How long does it Take to get my order?

Depends on the sheath and options you want. Typically turn around time is about two weeks. Many times it's very fast (one week), depends on how busy I am with workload. I build each custom rig one at a time giving each sheath my best personal attention to detail. 

What kind of material and parts do you use?

I use Kydex. Kydex is an Ultra Impact resistant Alloy Polymer. It is used in Marine and Aircraft Manufacturing due to the High strength and fire resistant properties compared to any other Materials. It's TOUGH! MOST Sheaths I make use .093 thick kydex if Available. NOT ALL Manufacturers provide. 093 thickness so I go after the thickest available for sheath making. If I use a thickness that is less it would be .080 thickness. .080 still performs beautifully but I prefer .093 because of rigidity, strength, retention performance and just because I can! ALL SOLID COLORS WILL BE .093 and A FEW CAMO PRINTS MAYBE .080. THIS APPLIES TO EVERY KYDEX SHEATH MAKER OUT THERE and NOT JUST ME! I Keep a close eye on the Market and upgrade to the .093 once it becomes available. Anyone who claims "Every" sheath they make are Only .093 are NOT completely Honest. Only the "SOLID COLORS" All come in .093. There is some difference in retention strength but I correct the weaker retention that is the result of a thinner material by making eyelet position changes to even out the performance of the thicker version.

What Hardware do you use and the combination of the Hardware used in the assembly?

I use ALL USA made hardware for the Assembly of the sheath. The Chicago Screws are Slotted "Through" Posts with Phillips screws and Silencers that complete the attachments of the accessories and Belt attachments. They are made of Machined High Grade Steel and Black Oxide Coated for corrosion Resistance, Not Painted! The Hardware I use DO NOT STRIP OUT like the Cheap Hardware I have seen too many times out in the field! Something we cannot afford to have, especially when your life depends on it!

What Eyelets do you use? 

The Eyelets used are High Grade Alloy Made right here in the USA. The Difference in the Alloy Content makes a difference in the strength. The Cheaper version are Brittle and have a tendency to split and crack! The difference in quality of the eyelets I have tested during my early years are HUGE!! You would think that they are "only eyelets" but the eyelets are the main components of the assembly of the sheath. And depending on the quality of the eyelets used will determine the total assembly strength of the Sheath. The sheath is ONLY AS STRONG AS ITS WEAKEST LINK! And that statement holds true since the "Link" is the Actual Eyelets! And it holds very true. The eyelet would be the first thing to Fail if there was a failure in the sheath. That is why I only us the Best! It takes A LOT of trial and error when building and testing to finally determine what would be the best material to use..........And Two More Unique features of the eyelets I choose are the Barrel "Length" and the "Wall Thickness" of the eyelets used. The Barrel is "LONGER" than the standard recommended length and costs more. The Length of the Barrel allows for a more Robust flange when they are pressed into the sheath for final assembly. And improves the Look of the "back side" of the sheath. The longer barrel allows for a larger flange which looks closer to the "Front side" of the eyelets. This allows the sheath to be Completely Ambidextrous. You can use either side for the "Finished Front side". I came to this conclusion when testing the results of using longer barreled eyelets vs Standard "Recommended" length of eyelets. The result is a MUCH Stronger Sheath Assembly. Those of you who are familiar with how High performance Engines are built would understand that the high performance engines undergo High stress when performing.  Therefore requires the use of High Strength and High Grade Fasteners to Keep the High Performance Engine from Turning into a Grenade!! That is the same measure I use when Building my Sheaths. I build these with the Idea of these ending up in Life or Death Situations  from deep in the sea to High on top of a Mountain, from the streets of our cities in the hands of our 1st Responders to the Desserts and Jungles in Battle. I do not take chances on quality to save a few dollars. I am more interested in the lives of our user. I take this very seriously and personal. Quality comes FIRST! The goal of this Business is to provide the Best, the Most Durable and the Nicest Kydex Sheath on the Planet. These are Big Words but That is my Goal! 

I do Not see a Knife on your Inventory list. Can I send My knife to you for a Custom Sheath?

Absolutely! Just Contact Me on what you need done and options you would like and I will supply you with shipping instructions. Turn around time once I receive the knife is usually about two weeks once I have the knife in hand.

What type of shipping do you offer?

I offer FREE 1st class shipping if I am shipping you a sheath from a Knife I already have in my inventory. I also offer priority, express and international shipping. NOTE: If you ship your knife to me for a custom sheath, there is a charge, since the weight of the package will be much higher due to the knife, the knife itself being shipped and insurance for protection of your item. 

Do you offer discounts?

YES, If you are a retailer we can work out a bulk purchase deal. Or if your a customer needing to outfit many knives we can work a deal on a bulk sheath purchase. And if you are Active Duty Military and Active Duty Police I offer 10% discount. Police and Active Military will need to provide Valid Credentials Prior to ordering. Contact me for Details. 

Do you offer satisfaction Guarantee and returns?

Yes, I accept returns if Kydex is just not your thing. MUST be in Unused still Brand New condition when I receive the item. I will Only accept returns On kydex sheaths that used Production Factory Made Knifes. I DO NOT accept returns On Kydex sheaths using your Custom Made "one of a kind" Knives. I do not accept returns on used sheaths, I will do a thorough inspection once I have the sheath. ALL my work is Guaranteed for life on workmanship. I do not guarantee normal wear and tear and abused sheaths. I have been doing this for many years and never had a return on a "broken" sheath or on a craftsmanship issue. I Test and visually inspect EVERY SHEATH Prior to shipping. These sheaths are thought out when designed and built to last forever! Returns WILL NOT be accepted after 2 weeks of confirmed delivery to your shipping address.

Are your Sheaths used by professionals such as Military and 1st Responder? 

YES, In fact a very large number of my customers are Military, Police, and other 1st responders. I also have serious bushcrafters, Survivalists, Survival Instructors Professional Divers, recreational Divers and even the weekend warrior that rely on my custom gear to get the job done! 


Kydex sheath typically are Not designed with Snaps, Buttons, velcro straps or Straps with Buckles. Kydex Sheaths use Retention as the Main functional element in the design. Retention has a lot of excellent benefits such as Quick Deployment during emergencies. Quick deployment allows the user with a free hand when your Busy with the other. Just grab and yank! Depending on the design of the sheath there maybe a Thumb Ramp that aids in the release of the knife. To deploy a knife using a sheath with a Thumb Ramp just simply rest your thumb on the Ramp and press firmly and the knife will Unlock from its Solid Retention! Other benefits are Modular design giving the user to add or remove attachments and changing the carry style. You can go from high belt carry to Scout carry to Dangler or inverted shoulder strap carry, ect........Your imagination allows you to build one of my sheaths into the rig you want. I sometimes change up the same sheath with different attachments depending on the hike I am on or the week long adventure. The Kydex sheaths I create are able to function under water as a dive knife and on land in the middle of the desert. Another great quality is Kydex will NOT absorb water like leather and Nylon and rust your favorite blade. Kydex will NOT Dry and crack like Leather. Kydex will NOT Rot like leather from wet humid environments. Nylon Will also Degrade and rot Like Natural materials like leather. 


I use an oven using controlled temperature that heats the Kydex just enough and just long enough to create the Best Impressions that a good kydex sheath is known for. Overheating Kydex is VERY Obvious and very Bad for the final product. If you see a Very Shiny and Glossy Sheath its Obviously Burned and Now very Brittle!. The sheath Must be a flat matte finish. If you see a reflective shine that looks like clearcoat or just shiny plastic TURN AND RUN! its BRITTLE!!! And can Break or crack at the worst moment. When I press the heated kydex I use the exact knife you use for the perfect fit and to create the impressions needed for the retention. I then use a pattern that has been created after many trial and error builds. The patterns used will line the eyelet position in the exact spot everytime and producing the exact retention build after build. And finally the finishing touch. I cut, grind and polish till the sheath is finished. I will test fit every sheath just to be sure the knife will deploy and lock up when put back everytime. I build every sheath ONE AT A TIME. And every eyelet flange will be visually inspected to insure a perfect press.