KA-BAR USMC Pancake style Kydex sheath

KA-BAR USMC Pancake style Kydex sheath

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This sheath is designed to fit the KA-BAR USMC knife. Includes belt loop to fit up to 2" belt or if you need a custom size message me. 

Choose the color you want and add whatever you like to the sheath by attaching to the eyelets. 

Eyelets are 3/4" spaced and are 1/4" diameter to handle any attachments you choose. 

::::::PLEASE NOTE:::::: >>>>>>(((((((The Ka-Bar full size fighting knife and USMC knife must have the fuller groove (blood groove) touching (fully contacting) the primary Bevel. There are two generations of this knife. One with Bevel touching the blood groove and the other generation with a small 2mm-3mm space between the blood groove and the primary bevel.))))) The blade that has the blood groove touching the Primary Bevel is the original WWII Grind. The blade MUST be the WWII Grind. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!

Made with .093 kydex for excellent functionality and strength.

Long barreled eyelets for added assembly strength. And thick walled for even stronger assembly. I spend money for high quality material! NO SHORT CUTS TAKEN!!

Drilled drain hole at tip.

Strong retention so knife stays put! 

Unique retention style at handle so knife is locked in place. quickly deploy the knife with a firm press of the thumb on the thumb ramp. 

Modular in design so the user can add, stack whatever you need with your knife.

Sheath is molle-lok, tek-lok. Malice clip compatible. 

Mount the sheath to your belt, molle gear, pack, ect...

Wear it horizontally,  vertically,  inverted, whatever.

Ambidextrous for left and right hand wear and use.

These are custom made so please allow up to 2 weeks for build time. Sometimes faster but it all depends on workload.

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